Thursday, May 31, 2012

Browhaus' Beautiful Revamp

Last month I was invited by the kind folks at Browhaus to try out their Browgraphy Thread & Tweeze in the newly revamped Paragon branch.

It was like being transported into a super cute camp site in the forest once you step in, there are tents, woody furnishings and a "grassy" carpet under your feet.

Entering the Browhaus "campsite" , choose from a ride range of brow and lash treatments 

I was led into one of the cozy treatment tents, fitted with plush recliners and comfy towels

The Browgraphy Thread + Tweeze (S$42) consists of both the Color Tweak and Brow Shaping. 
The Color Tweak is brow dye which can either lighten or darken your brows, matching it to your natural hair colour. 
The Brow Shaping I tried was the Thread + Tweeze, a combination of both tweezing and threading to shape the brows. 

As a makeup artist, I'm usually very iffy about letting someone else touch my brows, so I lay down and presented my obsessive requests to my therapist: no over-plucking, please darken my brows, not too arched and thin. 
She handed me a mirror and explained that she will just be tidying up my brows, balancing out their shape (one of my brows naturally grows higher than the other), and darkening my brows. I insisted on a darker than dark tint, since I look almost alien without any brow makeup

It was my first time doing threading, and it was surprisingly fast, and not at all painful for me, perhaps due to the fact that I don't have dense brows. Tweezing was then done to "clean up" around the brow. 

Thereafter, a vegetable-based dye was applied to my brows, and after it was cleaned off, TA-DA! Perfect brows! The arches of both brows were balanced, they were neat and not overly trimmed, and the colour was perfect, made me wish that I was born with them looking like this. It looked like I had run dark brow gel over my brows, natural yet defined. Seriously, I was impressed. 

A "PEACE" ampoule was then applied to soothe any irritation or soreness around the brows, which was lovely. I always meet clients who have red skin after shaping their brows, and especially close to their wedding day, it's better to keep the skin (and nerves!) calm. 

The tint lasted about 5-6 days, perfect for holiday goers, or honeymooners who wish to look great while travelling and not bother about makeup. 

I have a feeling that I'll be returning to this little retreat sometime soon again!

One of the two Log Cabin rooms, for total comfort and privacy during longer treatments such as the 
semi-permanent Brow Resurrection  

Escape to Browhaus Paragon: 
#05-11, Paragon, Singapore 
Tel: +65 67376585

or check out the other Singapore and international Browhaus outlets on

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