Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do You Really Need To Buy Ampoules From The Makeup Artist For Your Wedding?

Hello Ladies, Well, it's been a long time since I've done a wedding-specific post. I've been thinking about this issue for a long time, and I know that writing about it may incur lots of wrath from makeup artists who believe in selling their clients ampoules. But if you know me, I'm pretty much a straight talker who speaks my mind.

So here goes.. Let's get this straight from the beginning. I have never sold or provided any ampoules to my clients although I have had enquiries about them. And yes, I have bought ampoules before to try out on my skin, so I know how they feel and work.

So, what is this whole ampoule business about? Firstly, ampoules are little glass jars of serum / gels for the skin, sealed airtight and broken only upon application. They typically look like this:

The formula of the product is typically of a high concentration, for different skin types and concerns. You could get one for hydration, oil control, whitening, anti-aging etc..

# 1: Do ampoules work?
 - Yes, if you get one of a good quality, it works just as well as a high quality serum. However, ampoules work even better when coupled with a facial, when the skin is prepped to receive nutrients, and even better with a high-frequency machine where it encourages the product to be absorbed into the skin. To work is one, but you need the right time to have it work.

 # 2: Do ampoules really make my makeup last longer?
 - No. Honestly, if you expect a beautiful, radiant complexion with your makeup lasting the entire day on your face just because of a "miracle" ampoule, sorry girlfriend, it's not gonna happen. Simply slapping on the product and then the makeup will just be the same as applying your own serum and then makeup.

 # 3: What do you recommend instead?
 - Go for a makeup primer instead. I use Smashbox's Photo Finish Oil Free Makeup Primer
A makeup primer is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of pores and "set" your skin for the application of makeup, as well as help it to last longer and protecting it against environmental stresses. There are different makeup primers, ranging from those for oily skin, dry skin, even for colour correction(i.e. neutralising redness or brightening sallow skin).

# 4: Then why do so many bridal makeup artists sell ampoules?
 - It makes them extra cash. Simple as that.
 Just like all these hidden charges that some bridal shops charge you after you thought you got a good deal signing up for a $1888 all-in-one package, you end up having to top up for every single detail after. I know of a couple who topped up something like $90 for 3 ampoules, for both groom and bride. $90?! That's daylight robbery for ampoules. Ampoules are available at $5 or less each. Even Dr Hauschka's Rhythmic Night Conditioner Ampoules are £44.95 for 30 ampoules.

Question 5: What shall I do then? They are pushy and say my skin is "very bad and in dire need" of some ampoules?
 - Argh! I hate it when people in the beauty industry try to push products by criticising their clients. It just gives us such a bad rep.
Firstly, in the months leading up to your big day, you should start taking good care of your skin.
Monthly facials are a good way to relax and deep cleanse your skin.
Next, make sure you exfoliate! If you have a thick layer of old or peeling skin, not even a boxful of ampoules is going to help, and any makeup applied will always bring more attention to flakey skin. I use Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant which is gentle but effective.
Battle extremes with the right skincare. Too dry and everything just looks powdery and doesn't apply smoothly. Too oily and makeup slides off. Using the right skincare regiment will ensure your skin is well prepped.

Of course, checking with your makeup artist about hidden costs (some charge for false eyelashes too! wtf) before you book them will help you make a more informed decision. For me, I don't believe in hiding any costs. What you see is what you get. I also never push products, although if I love something I genuinely recommend or rave about it! Any advice to my client is truthful, and I will give them the most easy way possible to solve any problems they may have.

 Till then!
 xoxo Jo

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