Monday, August 27, 2012

Up Close: Le Fairymeadow And Her Floral Creations

Recently, I was bowled over by some lovely floral headpiece designs I saw on facebook, and I knew I had to get in touch with the designer. It was Le Fairymeadow, a florist that promises to " dream away with you, and to make those dreams come true with our floral creations". I met up with her and was utterly charmed by her sweetness and creations.

What got you started in floral arrangements and design?
I used to work in the banking industry, but I've known all this time that one day, I would love to have a flower shop. Initially I thought it would be for my retirement, but when I was planning for my own wedding, I met many vendors pursuing their passions who inspired me, and made me want to pursue my dreams. So I left my job and went to floral design school.

Why the name Le Fairymeadow?
When I think of a meadow, I think of freedom. I want a place where ideas can flow freely, and not be restricted by what mainstream designs are. From the time that I was a bride, I knew what was available in the market, and I now bring in what is lacking in the market so I can be different from others.

Your headpieces are so popular with your customers, how did that begin? 
It all started with a creation for a blogger who wanted a floral headpiece for her wedding photoshoot, which wasn't so common in Singapore, except for flowergirl headpieces. It was also because of her that I started thinking of more elaborate designs for brides.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Actually it's from the brides themselves. I get to know my customers, their preferences, wedding theme, and from there I create pieces unique and inspired by them.

What other floral arrangements do you provide?
We also do events decor, the floral arrangements for the wedding day and the cocktail event, candy bar and hand bouquets.

How about your accessories? I saw some beautiful bracelets that you made.
Those are bridesmaid's corsages. I thought, why not do something special that they could keep as a momento instead of the usual flowers around the wrist. We allow customisation to the bracelets, with one to two months lead time.

Love her style and designs?
Headpieces are from $50 - $100, bouquets from $120. Contact her for her rates on events and wedding floral arrangements.

Le Fairy Meadow

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